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Mindful Connections was established in 2018 with the aim of slowly breaking down the stigma and shame that is often associated with sexual wellness and mental health. Both founders retain qualifications and training in and around Psychology and Social sciences. Therefore, Mindful Connections was started around the passion that lies within human connection.

We endeavour to engage with communities and people, sharing experiences, ideologies and working towards finding solutions together. We are also passionate about education and taking part in "controversial" societal issues. We strive to make positive changes, even if it is allowing others the courage to think outside of the box.

Everyone has a need to connect

About Us



We offer a range of services related to mental well-being and education. We offer life coaching, counselling and research services. In addition, customers are welcome to view a variety of sexual wellness products we have in store by clicking  on the shop button below.


Life coaching

Why Life coaching?

We all need encouragement. 

Today there is little to go around. 

Taking on responsibility and actively considering your mental health is essential to a healthy and meaningful life.

Reach for your highest possible potential. Actively pursuing it will give your life meaning and purpose. Don't do what others expect of you. Do what you expect from yourself.

We Tackle:

  • Self authoring program

  • Goals and aspirations 

  • Anything on your mind.


Jonathan Brendan Els

Certified Life coach 

Rhodes College, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Being a student for quite some time in my life, I really developed a passion with working with young adults and students trying to find their own path. I have found that people in general just need some encouragement and support to make lemonade out of life’s lemons to embrace change. Above all, I believe in the resilience of people, in that we all have the innate ability to be the writers of our own stories.

As a bilingual counsellor,  I have an immense respect for the diversity in language, culture, religion and sexual orientation. A special interest of mine lies within the field of human sexuality and sexual/reproductive health, as well as working with couples.


Lounette Els

MA Social and Psychological Research

BA Psychology (Hons)

Bachelor of Science (BSc)


Conducting research is about asking a question and finding the answer to it through a series of steps. In Psychology, research involves a systematic study and analysis of human behaviour and experiences. Dissemination of a study can have educational, occupational, or clinical applications.


Research and Therapy Central Mindful Connections assist students from graduate to postgraduate level with research tasks, especially in the field of Humanities.


Lounette Els 

MA Social and Psychological Research

BA Psychology (Hons)

Bachelor of Science (BSc)


Research interests:

Sexual and reproductive health, sex education, and gender studies

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  • To look after our staff and clients to the best of our ability.


  • To grow and improve them consistently with trust, support and understanding.

  • To improve the lives of our staff and clients mentally, physically, and financially.

  • To support the upcoming generation of mental healthcare professionals beyond university training.

  • To usher the new generation of mental healthcare professionals into the professional environment and assist them with completion of their research activities in relation to internships and relevant registrations.