Why Life coaching?

We all need encouragement. 

Today there is little to go around. 

Taking on responsibility and actively considering your mental health is essential to a healthy and happy life.

Reach for your highest possible potential. Actively pursuing it will give your life meaning and purpose. 

Don't do what others expect of you.

Do what you expect from yourself.


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We Tackle:

  • Self authoring program

  • Goals and aspirations 

  • Anything on your mind.

Jonathan Brendan Els

Certified Life coach 

Rhodes College, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Conducting research is about asking a question and finding the answer to it through a series of steps. In Psychology, research involves a systematic study and analysis of human behaviour and experiences. Dissemination of a study can have educational, occupational, or clinical applications.


Mindful Connections assist students from graduate to postgraduate level with research tasks, especially in the field of Humanities.

Lounette Els 

MA Social and Psychological Research

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Research interests:

sexual and reproductive health, sex education, and gender studies

Sexual health or Sexology

is the study of human sexual behaviour which includes psychological and physiological functioning.

Mindful Connections endeavours

to break down the stigma and shame associated with sexual health and takes a sex positive stance in something that is innately human.

We encourage you to learn and ask questions surrounding topics that are often seen as "taboo".

Most importantly, we encourage you to connect in a mindful way. 

Lounette Els

MA Social and Psychological Research

Bachelor of Science (BSc)


To create awareness around the stigma of mental- and sexual health, striving to build a more inclusive understanding around these topics, and promoting a metally healthy community.

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