MA Social and Psychological Research

Member of the South African Sexual Health Association (SASHA)

My passion and field of interest have raised a few eyebrows along the way, even among those closest to me. But I came to realize that not everyone in your life will understand or feel as passionate about your dreams as you do. As an individual, you need to do what you love, love what you do… and do it fiercely. People tend to judge what they do not understand… and often, what they do not understand, they fear. And that is okay because by doing what you love, you might just inspire and awaken the hearts of others to be fearless.


Sexual health and sexual education are still met with resistance in today’s society. It is still not a priority among policymakers, initiatives, governing bodies, or individuals themselves. Sex remains a topic that is shunned and often swept under the proverbial rug when it comes to open and honest conversation between partners, friends, and our children. Even our own dialect when it comes to our sexuality and bodies remain an area of confusion and shame. I aim to change this!

Jonathan Brendan

Six Sigma (Black belt) professional

Leader and life coach.

I'm a big believer in informal education and a willing attitude.

I believe most people want to do good, and have extraordinary talent within themselves waiting to be released. In today's world we harness all the information we can possible think of  at our fingertips. It is mind blowing to say the least. There really is no such thing as " I don't know how to..."

In my experience, without passion and drive even formal education can be inferior to a willing and devoted attitude. But of course I'm not talking about medical or highly skilled professions. However, one can argue that without continued individual development/improvement- disaster is looming around the corner. Therefore, I believe to the very core of my being that the welfare of our society is directly related to the integrity and competency of the individual. 

 We have a responsibility to our fellow humans and our planet, our home, to be the best version of ourselves and effect the change we want in the world. I personally want to be better than I was yesterday. And I want to become competent at it!