Research means that you don't know, but are willing to find out.


— Charles F. Kettering.


In my capacity, I assist students from Humanity fields in writing and producing a well-constructed and mindful research piece. I offer services on a consultancy basis to discuss all aspects of the research study/project. I offer assistance with any reasonable problem a student might have regarding their research proposal or final dissertation.  


Services may include:

  • Structural design of the research piece

  • Writing style

  • Chapter design

  • APA (7th ed) referencing

  • Data methods and design

  • Constructing survey/interview itinerary

  • Ethics (application and compliance)

  • Statistical analysis. Experience with SPSS

  • Qualitative analysis

  • Literature searches  

  • Consulting supervisory notes and recommendations

  • Editing


Please note:

My services do not supersede the guidance of your institution/supervisor. Rather, we consult all notes and recommendations to construct a well thought research report, together.

*Please contact me for hourly rates


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